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Magic Video Depot is THE place to watch Magic performance videos.  All of our members videos aggregate in to one place where you can spend hours looking around and finding entertainment! All of the videos are embedded in the site, so you are not traversing to multiple sites to watch your favorite content.

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Rate and Comment on member videos. Excellent opportunity to provide feedback to video authors and ask them questions about their performances to help you learn. The rating system also helps you to find the best of the best when you are browsing the video library!

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MVD was designed from the ground up to be 100% mobile friendly. The site layout will automatically adjust to fit in your Mobile Browser window, and the Discussion Forum supports TapaTalk Mobile App so you can stay connected to your discussions wherever you are!

Videos in the Cloud

MVD leaves the control of your content with YOU. Your videos are not uploaded to MVD where you lose control. Instead you upload them to your favorite video service, such as You-Tube and then simply provide MVD with the link. Since you never upload your content to MVD you never lose control of it.